Last meeting of 2013 December 10-12th.

The Echo2eco consortium held its last meeting of 2013 at Stansted, UK. September 10th-11th 2013, the meeting was hosted by ARU.

All work packages were summarised and gone through. Representatives from the entire Consortium were present (except MLT), acoustic properties, film properties and manufacturing possibilities are looking good and according to progress plan. This time a fully working and functional prototype was shown and studied in plenum

A new acoustic room test fully compliant to ISO354 for a more finished product had to be postponed until the last and final meeting in Salzburg January 2014.

The technology is still in a IPR consideration stage and thus any detailed information is not available. The first public display and publications are only available when the IPR measures have taken effect.

We are very sorry for this considering our excitement to tell the world about our discoveries.